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kykof is a platform built to bring entrepreneurs together with people interested in their projects. Its main focus is to help launch the best projects backed with the best teams


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Starting a business can be a very stressful mission, after building your core business or prototype, the product has to be created with the highest standards to be able to compete, then comes marketing and promoting this startup, then gaining traction and attracting your early adopters, then scaling your business. Each of those tasks require a professional team or individuals who will take care of your business, but those tasks come with a price tag that most startups can’t afford.

After watching at least two of our very own startups fail dramatically after we have spent a lot of time, money, effort, and passion, we had to stop, sit down, and determine the reason behind our failures.

We have decided, as far as we knew, that the main reason for our failure was because we didn’t have the right people fulfilling our needed tasks, and that we didn’t have the financial resources to hire proper coders, marketers, PR specialists, and we couldn’t afford a proper working space. We thought this huge obstacle can write the death certificate of a startup even before it has launched. No matter how good you are, you’ll never be as good as an experienced professional.

This where we have decided to start a new startup - see the irony?- we called it (http://kykof.com) that is engineered to bring startups together with professionals who are willing to help. We have not decided how the startup is going to pay back those professionals, but we created a platform where they can meet in private discussion rooms and directly negotiate how they want to go about it, be it equity, deferred payments, or whatever innovative ways of payment the parties may agree upon.

We are fully focused on bringing value to everyone, and hoping people will find the platform useful to increase their chances of having a successful startup If you are a founder or part of any profession that can help founders, please feel free to join our kykof network

Startups list: http://kykof.com/search
Profiles list: http://kykof.com/profiles

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I want to create a mobile app which recognize the voice and distress signals and raise an alert to the trusted friend or authority (911). It will cover accident alerts, abduction, hostage or other crisis situations
looking for a designer and marketing person. I can take care of initial iteration of development. I can give 20% of shares to the designer and 20% of shares to the marketing founder (negotiable). I am looking to sell it in international app markets like India.

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Some rough takeaways based on discussion with Colin and David today. Great insights from Mr Albrecht!

Very little time
Focus on key takeaways
Generally team, space, product, traction

Team, always focus, crucial. How much time have founders know each other for, what’s their pedigree?


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What it is: Pretty sure most of us are familiar with Myspace, you remember… that thing before Facebook. Well, it’s back and better than ever. The new layout is so clean and beautiful (it feels similar to Pinterest). The site focuses on social music, something that no…

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Startups are hard. If you want to be an entrepreneur, better get used to it.

- dave mcclure


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Are you a startup focused on the menswear market? Is your business often complimented on it’s branding and great web design? Does your company offer an innovate solution to the space, beyond an e-commerce presence?

If you answered yes to all 3 questions, WE WANT YOU! We’re currently accepting submissions to present at next month’s Future of Fashion Startup Series. Apply here to be a part of our stellar roster!

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